YouTube shows ADS!

Did you noticed that YouTube has now showing Google Ads?

Here’s a screenshot:

YouTube, but with ADS

You know Of course that some while ago YouTube was bought by Google for about $1.65 billion (link). And now they show they own ads? Come on, how low is this? I mean, don’t they just earn enough money already?

How many of you like those text ads? I’m sure not as much as Google would want it… I’m wondering how many people will start using some other similar video services like MetaCafe and DailyMotion from now on….


Hello world!

“Welcome to This is your first post.” Well, it is! Let’s rock!


This is about me. About the fact that I am selfish. And no, I’m not talking about the real life, I’m talking about being selfish on the Internet. Is it possible? Well, every time I post something, I’m trying as much as I can not to link to a website (which in some cases I really like), just because that website will receive a non-reciprocal link (if you know a little bit of SEO, you know what I mean). And I have a feeling that you (yes, you, the one that’s reading this right now!) might have the same behavior, but you probably didn’t even realize it until now.

I’ve seen somewhere today (on a blog, of course 🙂 ) an interesting expression: karma links. What this suppose to mean? Well, it means that from now on, or at least on this blog, I’m going to link to everyone I like, and I WON’T CARE about the stupid 100 links per page rule. And why wouldn’t I do it?

Because I don’t want to offer direct links. But I would love to get some.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

I agree to link to someone if he or she links back, but offering direct non-reciprocal links… Noo, It’s something I can’t do. I am selfish, I can’t do this.

Now, of course, I’m not aware of this thinking, or at least I tend to hide this even from myself.

But if I refuse to link others, how can I expect that others will link to me? This is a dumb idea. Sooo, from now on, if anyone will link to me, I’ll do the exact opposite of a normal behavior. I mean, I will link back, EVEN IF you didn’t even asked it or expect it. And what do I have to lose? Page Rank? I DON’T WANT PAGE RANK! I just want to write and link to everyone I please, without really carrying about reciprocal links and stuff. Does it makes any sense? Well, it seems it does – just a little – to me. Maybe when I’ll grow up (in a spiritual sense), It will make even more sense.